It all starts with a big idea.

A big idea can mean the difference between an every day advertising campaign, and one that puts you on the map. A great idea can set you apart from the competition, generate significant revenue increases, and make you a hero.

At TBG, we’re all about developing big ideas for our clients. Ideas that send you soaring from point A to point B. Ideas that stand the test of time. Ideas that make your palms sweat, but make consumers flock to your business.

Whether it’s a social media campaign or an integrated marketing campaign, its success will only be as good as the idea. We’re a team of idea people. And we have a big idea for you.

The smart stuff we do



We're wizards at developing unique, successful brands that stand the test of time.



Our creative is not only hard-working, but has been honored by judges at the Clios, Cannes Film Festival and more.



From search marketing to OTT to geo-framing, we'll generate results with efficient, trackable campaigns.



We use creativity to help you get the most from your social marketing efforts.


Women control 80% of consumer spending, yet only 3% of Creative Directors are women. We have one of them, along with an all-female team.

From Our Blog

New brand advertising campaign for credit union

This week, we just launched a new brand campaign for longtime client LGE Community Credit Union.  We’re pretty excited about this new campaign and looking forward to a big response.

In the past eight years, most of our advertising for the credit union has been product-related.  After all, the credit union offers some pretty spectacular products and rates such as a 2.00% High Rate Checking account and a 5.00% Youth Savings Account.  But even after years of credit union advertising in the Atlanta area, research still demonstrates that there is much misunderstanding about credit unions and the value of membership.

To tackle this head on, we elected to use the word “membership” in the theme. 

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Can online reviews affect your website rankings?

In the financial and healthcare world, online reviews are a big part of the consumer decision-making process.  We all know that good reviews can boost your profitability, and poor reviews can do harm. For these reasons, it’s essential for advertisers to vigilantly track and manage their online reputations.  But how do online reviews affect your search engine rankings and your overall online performance?

Better rankings on Google mean more website visitors, which in turns means more business.  Can your online reviews affect where you show up in the Google pack?  The overall answer is yes.  Good reviews are a signal to an advertiser’s trustworthiness and authority.  When you’re in an incredibly competitive environment, reviews can be a critical part to differentiating your business and standing out. 

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How to get the best results from your PPC advertising campaign

One of the great benefits about PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising is the ability to know how well it’s working before you’ve spent a good part of your budget. But do you really know what your results are? Can you confidently say that you’re receiving a great ROI? Or do you simply rely on the fact that you’re receiving a lot of clicks or website traffic?

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