A Process that Works

Compelling, effective advertising doesn’t just happen.  It’s the result of doing your homework.  Before we begin work on any advertising, we dig.  We research.  We ask.  We learn.  We get to know your product as well as you do.  And then we follow these important steps to ensure our advertising makes your cash register ring.

1.  Target Audience:  Who is most likely to buy your product?   And why?  What are their needs?   Where do they live, work, and shop?   What is the best way to reach them?  We will identify  and develop a deep understanding  of the most promising target audience.  After all, that’s the first key to achieving great results and getting the most from your budget.

2.  Positioning:   How is your product different from your competitors?  What benefits does it offer?  What needs does it fulfill?  We help you determine how to position your product so it’s irresistible to your prospects, and unique to your competitors.

3.  Creative and Media Strategy:  While many agency departments work in a vacuum, we believe the best results come when creative and media work together.  After all, your product might stand out more with a striking series of small space ads rather than a single 1/2 page ad.    What’s more, we’re wizards at stretching a media budget, and finding unique ways to reach prospects.

4.  Compelling  Creative:  Research proves that people are more likely to buy your brand when  they like your advertising.  See our portfolio and listen to our reel — you’ll see  an ability to consistently create advertising that’s makes your customers smile, and makes you a hero.