Advertising that Benefits the Consumer (and you!)

How often do we see ads that talk to no one?  Self-serving ads that seem to tout how a great a product or service is, but lacks meaning and relevance.  Sometimes it seems that advertisers have forgotten one of the most basic rules of advertising– know your target audience, and fill a need.

For instance, we see banks that talk about how “they care.”  Do we really believe that the bank cares about us?  David Ogilvy used to say, “The consumer is not a moron, she’s your wife.”  Consumers are smarter and more cynical than ever.  They know your business is out to make money.  So if you want to be successful, you will create products and advertising that demonstrate understanding of your target audience, and fill a need for them.

Since we’re talking about banking, Ally is a great example.  Might actually be one of the few consistent examples out there.  It’s apparent that they research their target audience quite well, and quite often.  They know what consumers want, and they find a way to make it happen.

Take their “raise your rate” CD.  If you have ever purchased a CD (and I had to purchase some for my father), you find yourself wondering how long a CD you should buy.  After all, what if rates go up and you’ve just put all the money in a long-term CD?  Ally listened.  And came up with a product to address that need.

Ally didn’t tell you that they cared.  They demonstrated that they cared.  They listened to consumers and developed products that consumers wanted. And they became very successful.

It’s easy with all of the changes in advertising today to get caught up in the latest trends like viral videos.  But we must all remember that the original basic rules still apply.  Know your target.  And fulfill a need. Sometimes it’s one that the consumer didn’t even know they had.