Simple marketing that gets results

Is it possible that four simple words could increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts?  Absolutely.  We’re talking about four simple words that are easy to implement, and could boost customer satisfaction for your product or service.   Quite simply, they are “How am I doing?”

Now we’re not talking about extensive customer surveys – that’s a different topic for another time.  But short and simple, the way a restaurant may ask for your opinion, or a hotel.

Consider your company’s emails.  How simple it would be to add “How am I doing?” immediately below the signature blocks for all business email and then include an invitation with a link to a short online survey form.  (There are a variety of websites now that provide easy-to-create surveys at a reasonable cost.  We like Survey Monkey.)  Imagine it right below an employee’s signature block – “How am I doing?” We value your input.  Please click on this link to let us know.”

The link, of course, would lead directly to the online research page you set up and the survey can be as simple as three questions – name, email address, and a basic question asking how the employee met or exceeded expectations.

What about additional ways you can leverage this idea to generate engagement and feedback?  First, solicit positive comments, but respond with thanks to all, and resolve any complaints.  You’ll want to share the survey results with staff, management, physicians, etc, and devise an internal rewards program that recognizes good work.  And finally, use the survey link everywhere – from employee emails to your website, Facebook page to your blog.

If you’re in hospital marketing , you’re no doubt always looking for ways to further engage customers — to improve your marketing efforts and results.  This simple system offers your patients a quick, convenient way to communicate their thoughts and provides you with valuable information and  interaction at virtually no cost. And what could be better than that?

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