Converting More Customers on your Webpage

What would happen if you treated every page on your website like a landing page?  Hold every page accountable for converting. Start scrutinizing every page, not just your landing pages. Because guess what will happen if you do start treating every page like a landing page? Your website will convert more.
Here are 4 ways to get started.
1) Calls to Action – Put a call to action on every page
2) Set up Google Analytics Goals for Pages – Most advertisers only set goals for their home or landing page.  Try setting up goals for every page you want to convert. j
 3) Keep Track of Metrics – Most marketers know what their conversion rate is for their landing pages, but what’s your home page’s conversion rate? What’s the conversion rate for your blog? What’s the conversion rate for your Products and Features pages? You should know what percentage of visitors to these pages are heeding the calls-to-action that you’ve provided.
 4) Include Phone Numbers –  61% of companies say incoming phone calls are their best lead source. So put phone numbers on every page possible.
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