Google Update Outrage

Google has just released another update that apparently terrorized small content-based websites. Dubbed the “Google Penguin”, this algorithm is programmed to penalize websites undertaking black hat SEO tactics and those with otherwise low-quality content. As usual, Google’s fight against web spamming has resulted in the unprecedented crash of established websites from their previously held rankings.  We had a client experience such a thing.  They hired an SEO company several years ago, just as many marketers did.  They had first page rankings to start, but just hoped to improve against their competitors.

They were not SEO people, and had no idea how SEO people did their job. After all, most SEO don’t like to give away their tricks of the trade.  But one day recently, their site dropped out of site and it has yet to come back.  This is a well-established company with an outstanding reputation.  It did nothing wrong, except to hire an SEO firm.

Affected businesses have already petitioned that Google pull back its penguin update on the popular petition site The petition has so far gathered an excess of 1,000 signatures. Jane Dorpish, the creator of the petition, views the penguin update as a monopoly on the part of Google to further protect the interests of multi-billion dollar online sites similar to Yahoo Answers, Amazon, WikiHow, and eHow.

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