Ineffective Advertising

Why is it that so many bank newspaper ads are simply taking up space without attempting to sell anything?  Here are three ads that ran in a San Francisco newspaper.  It makes you wonder who would approve those ads, and why.

Bank #1:

“Strong. Global. Growing.  Just a few words that should define your financial partner.”


Bank #3: No Headline, just a picture of a customer.  You must read the copy below to know what the ad is about.

What are these ads missing?  A consumer benefit.  A reason to read the ad.  A reason to respond to the ad.  This is just going back to basics.  What does the bank offer its consumers that will make their lives better?  Even if none of the bank’s products are unique, a creative agency will always find a way to make them compelling.

I know, we see these kinds of ads every day.  But it’s just appalling to see such a waste of money.