Is Traditional Advertising Dying?

We’ve had clients ask whether traditional advertising is dying.  After all, the internet is quickly replacing giant Yellow Page books.  And DVR’s allow people to skip the commercials.  But internet companies would have you believe that traditional advertising will be gone by the end of the decade.  And while there are remarkable changes happening every day in the ad world, there is still an enormous amount of money going into traditional advertising.

Yes, a couple of years ago, Pepsi was absent from the Super Bowl. But do you know who did advertise during the Super Bowl for the first time ever? Google.  Google has also been using print and billboard advertising to market its various apps and its Nexus One phone.  They’ve also used billboard advertising to advertise their search engine outside of North America, where they generally tend to have a lower share of the search market.

So, Google, the ultimate symbol of internet advertising does traditional advertising. They must know something, that the other internet marketers don’t…

Yes, traditional advertising will decline because online advertising will continue to grow. But it will not disappear, as long as its effective.  And while we love the time we spend connected to the internet, for most of us, that is only a percentage of our day.  And the rest of the time we are fair game for all types of advertising.

At least in 2012, we don’t spend all day on the internet.  We read.  We listen to the radio.  We drive by billboards.  And as long as we continue to have balanced, healthy lives,Atlanta advertising agencies like ours will continue to build a portion of their client’s media dollars into traditional media … because it will continue to be effective.

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