New brand advertising campaign for credit union

This week, we just launched a new brand campaign for longtime client LGE Community Credit Union.  We’re pretty excited about this new campaign and looking forward to a big response.

In the past eight years, most of our advertising for the credit union has been product-related.  After all, the credit union offers some pretty spectacular products and rates such as a 2.00% High Rate Checking account and a 5.00% Youth Savings Account.  But even after years of credit union advertising in the Atlanta area, research still demonstrates that there is much misunderstanding about credit unions and the value of membership.

To tackle this head on, we elected to use the word “membership” in the theme. 

Not only do consumers value the idea of belonging to something meaningful, the word helps differentiate and explain the credit union difference.  The theme “Membership means life your way” is designed to highlight the value of the membership — more money to spend on the important things in life.

The campaign consists of radio, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, outdoor and local print advertising.  For the digital ads, we found compelling slow motion stock video clips of people doing the things that make life special — ziplining, skydiving, or simply spinning around on a beach on a glorious day.  The images are combined with lines like “Sarah stopped feeding her bank… and started feeding her soul.”  Another ad shows a group on a road trip with the headline “The Connors left behind their bank, and found the road to happiness.”  The print ads carried similar messages with motivating stock imagery.

The radio is an emotional play on people’s desires to live life their way — “With less money spent on bank fees and bank profits, and more in your pocket to do the things you want to do.”  The music was custom composed by Atlanta composer Jack Turner.  

The campaign will run an indefinite period of time.  Stay tuned for news on the results!