The Search for Great Radio

Radio is a great medium, but also the most undervalued.  We’ve always wondered why so many Atlanta advertising agencies can do nice TV commercials, but their radio is dull and lifeless.  Radio is a difficult medium – many in our business will tell you it’s the most difficult to do well.  After all, unlike print or television, there are no visuals.  You have nothing but spoken words to tell your story, build your brand, compel listeners to buy your product or service.  But that’s also why we love the medium so much.

Many of our clients are outspent by their competitors.  Radio gives us a chance to even the playing field.  By writing truly great, compelling, effective radio, we can help our clients stand out in a more affordable way.  Just look at Motel 6, who built their brand in radio.  Unfortunately, you don’t see many examples like that out there.  But just ask to hear our radio reel, and we can demonstrate plenty.

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