What’s Up with This Brand?

If you’ve had your eyes open at all while driving, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the change in Bank of America’s signs.  While Bank of America always had simple, clean signs, the red and blue logo is now floating in a sea of red.   Does anyone have a clue what this is about?  And how could such a huge advertiser make such tragic mistake?

To begin with, the signs are unreadable.  From a distance, one simply sees bright red.  It’s not until you’re on top of the sign that you’re finally able to make out the logo.  But what is more intriguing is the color choice.  During a time in our history when big banks are in a  PR nightmare from accepting government handouts, this seems like a very odd memorial to the debt (in the red) so many in our country are in.

Bank of America is no small player.  In an institution that size, these decisions are not made by one person, but often big committees.  It’s hard to imagine that so many people could be so “off the mark.”

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