Associated Credit Union

Credit Union Education Pays Off Big

Challenge: This billion-dollar credit union came to us to help reverse a decline in members, and set it apart in a crowded financial arena.  At the time, research demonstrated that the average consumer knew little about credit unions.

Solution: The credit union had a lot to offer consumers — but consumers had no idea what a credit union was.  We created an educational campaign that would teach the differences of banking with a credit union, and highlight the rates and other benefits.  Broadcast anchored the campaign, supported by newspaper, buses and outdoor.  From a digital standpoint, Adwords were utilized to promote the great rates, along with web banners on and a variety of financial, auto and home improvement sites.  Finally, a landing page was created to answer the most frequently asked questions about credit unions.  In just the first year, ACU saw a 19% increase in members and a 35% increase in deposits.

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