Frank Betz

Home Design As Easy As 1,2,3

Challenge: Frank Betz Associates is one of the nation’s oldest provides or stock house plans.  They were a leader in the industry, and then the housing crisis hit.  Small builders closed their doors, or were acquired by big builders, consolidating the industry.  And whereas the Betz team always marketed their plans simply through Builder Magazine, the landscape had changed and consumers were an equally important target audience.

Solution: We rebranded the company, with a new logo and look that would portray them as the fresh, innovative designers they are.  From there, we developed a new website that would communicate all of the builder benefits, but be consumer-friendly and inviting.  Finally, we guided them on a social media program that included branded pins on Pinterest.  Early results have been exciting, with analytics showing a significant and increasing percentage of business coming from consumers and social.

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