The Process

Our process is called BrandEdge.  At the end of the day, however, we think it’s just about doing the job right.  Getting to know your business.  Your industry.  Your competition.  And the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. What do they think now? What do we want them to think?  And what’s the most effective way to get there?

Many advertising agencies spend little time on the strategy, but we put our whole hearts into it. That’s probably why our work works. BrandEdge has 5 steps, and it goes like this.


This is a business discussion that helps us understand the real business issues you are facing. From here, it becomes clearer how marketing and brand positioning can help you reach your goals and objectives.


Confirms any suspicions we may already have. It includes everything from competitive analysis to internal discovery to research Internal discovery consists of discussions with key executives and other employees within a company. The purpose here is to gain a good understanding of how they describe the company and the benefits they provide the target audience. We listen for consistency of message, a true understanding of the target audience and opportunities for improvement. External discovery is conducted with the target audience.

The discovery can be informal conversations, reviewing existing research or conducting more formal research, but the outcome is the same – what does the target audience want or need, and how does company fill that void? We then compare the external audience’s desires with the company’s offerings and determine how we close the gap if any exists.

Brand Development

Is the tool to help us close the gap between your company and the needs of your target audience. Unless you are a start-up company, you have a brand whether you think so or not. It is our job to evolve the brand to best position your company to meet your business objectives. This exists as a brand platform, made up of your brand position, personality and key messages you communicate to your audience.


Determines whom your company is going to communicate to and, more importantly, what you’re going to say to them. Strategy development generates many great discussions because of its nature of omission. The strategy needs to center around a precise motivating point to drive home the message. It is this exclusive focus that makes a creative strategy successful and those discussions of omission so fun.


Comes after agreement of the strategy. With a clear strategy, we are able to determine the best ways to motivate the target audience through the creative product and media. This is the advertising that everyone sees, and it’s what drives home sales.

And sales is what our advertising agency is all about.