Fresher, smarter financial advertising

Who says financial advertising has to be dull?  We have dispelled the myth again, with our latest campaign for LGE Community Credit Union.  For seven years, we have positioned LGE as “ A smarter way to bank.”  But with “local” and “organic” being today’s hot buttons, the latest ads offer a twist – LGE as a “Fresher, better for you, smarter way to bank.”

Designed for social media advertising including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, the ads compare LGE’s many strengths to those of big banks.  In the colorful campaign, the comparison is shown through fun metaphorical visuals.  In one short Facebook video, big banks are portrayed as an unhealthy can of soda, full of hidden fees.  LGE, on the other hand, is a healthy, transparent, refreshing glass of water.  In another video short, a rotten out-of-state pear is compared to a variety of locally grown healthy fruit.

The scenes were filmed in stop motion, and are used individually in Facebook, but were edited together into a :30 spot with music and sound effects for Youtube and broadcast.

Knowing who you’re targeting and where your ads are running can help ensure you create effective, relevant messages.  Our target audience for this campaign was women 25-54 on social media, and we know that ads with a healthy, organic products tend to receive strong engagement and positive reaction.  So far, these ads have had a tremendous amount of engagement — the click through rate on Facebook has been 2%, almost twice the average Facebook CTR.